Thibault Joyeux – Ed’n Robot

Liebe Freunde des Kombinats,

wie versprochen haben wir in dieser Woche einen Coworker über die Schulter geschaut und versucht einen Einblick in seine Arbeit zu bekommen. Was auf den ersten Blick sehr spielerisch aussah, entpuppte sich als absolute Sisyphosarbeit mit unglaublichem Hintergrund. Auch wenn die Zeit echt knapp war, haben wir es hinbekommen uns mit Thibault Joyeux gemeinsam zu einem Getränk hinzusetzen und uns seine Arbeit kurz erklären zu lassen. 

What are you doing?

In the moment? I try to find a good plan for this shot. It is important to have a good harmony between the moving scenes. Otherwise it looks as if somebody was cutting like an idiot. 

So, you are producing a movie right now?

No. No movie. Here I try to make some pictues for a book i am writing. I do this to help children making movies for their own. I explain how to create and cut out your characters and build up the movie step by step. 

What does that mean?

It’s easy. I want to make them clear, what it really means, to produce Stop Motion Movies. On the one hand it is really hard work, on the other hand, espacially compared to other techniques, it is quite easy to do. You can use almost everything you can find in a childrens room at home and start to make a film. Just imagine, you take my book, create your Robot and just start. It is nice for parents and teachers, they do not have the whole work. I did it already for them. (smile) 

You help parents?

Exactly! With this book I want to keep the kids out oft he trouble on the streets. I am from Paris, you know? When you are inside your home and you cut out robots, you cannot make bullshit outside. Sometimes this is not a bad idea. 

Why is your character a robot? Is there a special reason?

The „cut-out-technique“ ist quite complicated and if you want to create something out of paper, it is more easy when you have geometric forms. Then it was very important to me, that I can move my character. He needed to have the opportunity to move every single part of his body. 

This is one reason. The real reason, why I created a robot is a song from Damon Albran. He sings something like „Every little robot lalalalala..“. I was listening to that song very often and I don’t know… maybe this is the reason. 

What ist the perspective for the Ed’n Robot future?

In the moment it is a series of four episodes. I want to finish that series and then I want to go to „Maliwood“ Africa. You know that? It’s the Hollywood of Africa and in the moment there are so many french soldiers in Mali for colonial terms, that I don’t worry to be unsecure. I am joking, my friend! I don’t know what will happen. Let’s see. 

What do you think: Do you get rich with that?

No! It‘s even better. I loose money with that. All I have I put into my art. I want to give my ideas to the public. Fuck the virtual money I „might“ have later. It doesn’t make any sense to think about this. 

I give you reason. It is a stupid question! So. You are from Paris. Why are you here?

It’s just because I fell in love with a german girl, when I was part of a „Film-Festival“ in Weimar. I was drunk and she fell in love too. That was enough for me. All her friends became my friends and now I can be Napoleon Bonaparte like he came to Jena-Auerstedt in the (was it the stoneage?) past. (laughing) 

What do you do on Saturday?

I will celebrate the end of my movie. For sure. And I will celebrate the birthday of a friend „Mitchi“. Beyond that I don’t know. 

Thank you very much for this interview. Nice to have you here!

.. Das war sehr lustig mit dem Kerl. Der macht wirklich was zurecht dort oben in seinem Zimmer. Und es ist auch nochmal sehr freundlich von ihm gewesen, auf unsere Party morgen hinzuweisen. Wir öffnen um 22:oo Uhr die Pforte und lassen rein, bis voll ist. 

Euch allen wünschen wir ein schönes Wochenende und eine ruhige Überfahrt in den Februar.
Mit Herz und Glück, euer Kombinat.