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Optics Meet-Up

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07.04.2022 @ 19:00 22:00

3 Inputs · Talks · Networking

Following the great success of the first Optics Meet-Up in October 2021, we are happy to invite you to the next chapter. In the evening of 7 April we’d like to discuss new software principles, how manufacturing may limit optical designs and learn about optical performances and capabilities of 3D printed micro-optics.

When & Where?

Thursday, 07. April 2022, Start at 7 pm,
Kombinat 01, Westbahnhofstr. 13, 1. Floor

The Programm:

→ Opening Remarks
Anke Siegmeier Â· OptoNet Photonics Network Thuringia


#1 Introducing Quadoa Optical CAD
Jens Siepmann & Goran Baer Â· Quadoa Optical Systems

The Quadoa experts will give an overview of the upcoming release of their next generation optical design software and present core software principles, showing how they improve on existing design approaches.


#2 Manufacturing & assembly limitations to consider when designing an optical system
Kseniia Zavatskaia Â· Photonics Precision Engineering

In this presentation Kseniia will share practical recommendations on how to make your system more manufacturing-friendly and increase the odds of it performing properly. Her best practises originate from personal design and troubleshooting experience in close cooperation with a manufacturing unit.


#3 Translating optical design freedom into 3D printed micro- optics
Nils Fahrbach · Printoptix

Complexity is a free resource in 3D printing. Printoptix will show different examples of how the geometrical design freedom can lead to micro-optical devices with superior optical performance while being manufacturable in a single process step.


→ Open Discussion · Networking until 10.00 pm.

After the presentations a Hands-on Workshop on Quadoa Optical CAD is offered in a separate room for those of you interested. The goal is to explore the software together and to demonstrate Quadoa’s features and perform some exemplary design tasks. Feel free to provide your own optical design challenges and see how well Quadoa is suited.


Further information on registration can be found on the website and social media channels of Photonics Precision Engineering GmbH.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

P.S. Here are a few impressions from the Optics Meet-Up 2021.

Westbahnhof-Str. 13
Jena, Thüringen 07745 Deutschland